Part 135 Orientation Video
Part 135 Orientation Video
The Part 135 Orientation and certification Video will walk you through the complete Air Carrier Certification process. Review the five phases of the gate system from pre-application to the final certification. This is the video that that is required viewing at the FSDO office during the pre-application meeting. After submitting your PASI the FAA will assign a certification team and contact you for a Formal Application Meeting. Air Carrier Certification Orientation Single Pilot Operators Single Pilot-in-Command Operators Basic Part 135 Operators The certification process is accomplished by completing a series of events which are divided into phases. An issuance of an air carrier certificate is based on your successful completion of each phase of the certification process. It is a system by which you or your organization demonstrates that you can comply with all FAA certification and operational requirements of Part 135 and Part 119 of the FAA regulations. Phase one is the pre-application phase Phase two is the Formal Application Phase Phase three is the Document Compliance Phase Phase four is the Demonstration and Inspection Phase Phase five is the Certifcation Phase
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