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Aviation Computer Systems help system was developed to assist you with downloading and installing software, setup and use WordPerfect and create and manage your PDF files. Help Desk Let us Hold Your Hand: When you need more individualized help we can log on to your computer and run it from our offices. When your manuals become just too frustrating for you to handle, give us a call and we will help in any way we can. we can help you install software, clean-up your formatting issues on your manuals, or just show you how to deal with those little problems that seem unsolvable. The program we use is a small remote server that is placed temporarily on your computer. When you click on the connect box your computer will connect with ours over the Internet. We will be able to talk to you and demonstrate the use of WordPerfect. we can help to solve many problems and generally make life easier for you.   Please call our Help Desk at 386-492-8005 so we can setup our computers to communicate with you. When you are ready for us just click on the help desk link here. Join a Conference Join a conference: We can conduct a conference call with up to three people able to view our computer screen during the conference. This way we can include anyone you like in the conference. We can talk with your POI, your pilots, Chief Pilot, or just help your secretary with word processing issues. To schedule a conference with our support department please contact us at (386) 492-8005. When you are ready to join the conference click the Join Conference link here.
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